Frequently Asked Questions

See our most common questions related to the Polish flag registration.


We can provide your provisional registration in 2 days*, once all mandatory documents are supplied and the payment is made. The provisional is already fully valid with your vessel. The permanent registration can take up to 3-4 weeks.

*Please note that due to the Corona virus, precautions are taken place in Poland, which could mean delays with governmental institutions. And due to recent changes in the Dutch and Belgium legislation, there is a high demand for the polish registration, which may cause short delays. This is out of our hands and we ask you for your understanding.

* The application in Polish which we will prepare for you
* Notarised bill of sale or original invoice
* CE certificate clearly stating dimensions of the vessel or in case if you are not able to supply a CE certificate a builders certificate will be accepted.
* Deletion of the previous flag if applicable - in case of new build ITC issued by the builder.
* Passport or company registration documents
* All documents have to be translated into Polish and originals or legalised originals have to be send with the application request (this service is included in the price)

Vessel with polish flag should be marked with a name in the front of the boat, at each side of the vessel and at the back. Under the name in the back part of the boat there should be placed the name of the home port and registration number. There are no restrictions regarding the size of the letter.

You can register for private use or commercial bareboat use. The cost involved to register your boat are same for both private use or commercial bareboat use.

You do not have to be a resident or citizen of Poland or even the EU to register under Polish flag. Anybody can register a boat under the Polish flag but only EU nationals may hold the boat under their personal name.

For non- European Union citizens, we setup a UK LTD. and you will transfer the ownership of your vessel into this dormant LTD that you own. The LTD is only used for boat ownership so no taxes or government filings will be due. We will make a bill of sale for you transferring the boat into your new company LTD.

During the registration we ask for 4 names. The name has to be UNIQUE. During the registration process this will be checked.

The polish authorities will not ask for proof of VAT during the registration. This does NOT exempt you from paying VAT. Each boat owner will have to make sure he/she has complied with their tax obligations.

Our price includes 5 legally translated pages by our Polish translator services. If more pages have to be translated extra charges may be incurred.

1) Fill in the registration form.
2) Send us the required documents which we will review.
3) The documents are send for legal translation
4) You need to send us ALL original documents by Courier as it is required by the Polish authorities.
5) Your original documentation, the translation and application request is send to Poland for registration.
6) Upon successful registration we send you your original documentation with the Polish registration documents.

Below you will find the bare minimum maritime equipment required for sailing under the Polish Boat registration.

  • Rescue Equipment

    • Life vest/jacket : one per person on board
    • Lifebuoy with light, in case of night operating
    • Effective distress signals, including flares
  • Nautical Instruments

    • Magnetic compass
    • Navigation lights
    • Boat horn and manual depth sounder
  • Armament Equipment

    • Anchor, hammer and boat hook
    • Bilge pump or bailer
    • Sufficient number of oars with oarlocks
    • Minimum of 20 m of rope for usual operations
    • Waterproof electrical torch allowing to give light signals
    • Fire extinguisher (for motorboats)
    • Complete sails kit (for sailboats)
  • First Aid Kit

    • Waterproof box with necessary bandages and other usual pharmaceutical products

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