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Register your boat in Poland and you never have to renew

Polish certificate
You have purchased a new or used boat somewhere in the world and the broker asks you; “under which flag will the boat be registered?” Many countries have very time consuming flag registrations or have all kind of maritime restrictions or worse; very high fees for registering your boat. The good news is; you do not have to register the boat in the country you live! You can register your boat in a country that has a fast, efficient, low cost registration that is valid for life!

Poland is a full member of the European Union and offers an inexpensive flag registration that is valid for life. It is the perfect flag to have for all vessels, not only in Europe but around the world and this registration is valid worldwide.

We can get your Poland flag registration done in 2-5 days!
Your provisional registration can be ready in 2 to 5 days, once all correct documentation is received. The permanent registration takes 2 to 3 weeks and you do not need any boat survey or other time consuming paperwork. Once you receive the provisional registration from us by email in 2-5 days, you can print it out and you will already have a legal document to show to any maritime authority.

What does the Polish yacht registration look like?
It comes in a credit card format in English and Polish and is valid worldwide.

You can register for private, commercial or bare boat use
The cost involved to register your boat are same for private, commercial and bare boat use.

Why use us to register your vessel?
We are the largest registrar of Polish flagged vessels. Our Polish and multi-lingual staff can have you sailing within days with a provisional registration and we can have your vessel permanently registered in Poland within 4 weeks . Our team takes care of everything! You send us the paperwork and we translate all non-English paperwork to Polish as part of our fee.

What are the exact cost to register in Poland?
Our prices include everything! No hidden cost like translations, courier fees or consulting fees. One price that includes all government fees.
  • Up to 7 meter: € 420,-
  • From 7.1 to 12 meter: € 520,-
  • From 12.1 to 24 meter: € 620,-

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MMSI Radio License – for VHF, AIS, Radar and EPIRB
We can obtain an MMSI / radio license for your vessel and as it is required by law, we highly recommend our clients to apply for a MMSI Radio license while applying for the Polish registration. The license will register your communication equipment (VHF Radio, radar, epirb, transponder & radar) and assign the numbers. See details here


  • Let us check your documents for free!
    Are you not sure if you have the correct documents to register your boat in Poland. Please send us your documents by email or Whatsapp and our experts will check it out for you for free!
  • Let us translate your documents for free
    Our service includes free translations of all your boat documents. This will save you a lot of money!
  • 7 day costumer service in most languages
    We have call centers in 3 countries, were you can contact us 7 days a week with staff that speak; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish!
  • Guaranteed provisional registration in 2-5 days! (After receiving signed documents)
    We have actual staff in Poland and do not use intermediaries. We can therefor guarantee to have your provisional registration ready in less than 2-5 days (after receiving signed documents). This provisional registration is already fully valid to use your boat.


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    Fill in our simple online form and submit.

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    Send us your boat documents and passport copy.

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    We translate and submit all paperwork to the Polish authorities

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    Provisonal registration is sent in 2-5 days.
    The official documents are sent by courier in 2-5 days.

Easy Documentation

In order to register your yacht under Polish flag we do not need any survey reports and the documentation is very simple:

1) Bill of sale or original invoice yacht.

2) Passport copy or LTD papers.

3) Deletion of the previous flag if the boat was previously registered.

4) Copy/Scan of one of the following documents:

CE certificate of the yacht
OR tonnage certificate
OR builders certificate
OR survey report
OR yacht manual

In case your documents need translations, we will take care of this and it is INCLUDED in our fee.

  • If the boat is made in 1998 or after, a picture of the CE plate, picture of Hull number and CE Certificate is needed. (If you you cannot supply us with these mandatory documents, for most vessels we will be able to assist you to obtain them)
  • If your vessel if over 14 meters in length, we need a copy of your vessels CE certificate OR Builders Certificate / OR any other document showing the dimensions of the vessel.
  • Picture of the engine with the engine number or CE certificate of the motor

2-5 days
Provisional registration

We can register your vessel either thru our express service or with our normal registration.

3 - 4 weeks
Standard Registration


Meet Our Experts

We have a highly experienced team who deal with the Polish registrations.

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